Sunday, 10 April 2011

Feel the Steel!

Yesterday I acquired my long yearned for vertical tragus, my first surface piercing! I couldn't for the life of me explain how the bar was inserted (if you imagine a staple shape), but the procedure was comparatively painless, if a little longer than the usual. I'm very pleased with the result, if a little nervous about rolling on it in my sleep..

Within the constraints of money and my own wussiness, I am a bit of a piercing junkie! I think my low pain threshold actually adds to the sense of accomplishment- I'm usually so nervous I spell my own name wrong on the consent forms. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, and I get the impression that some of my friends and family hope it is something I will 'grow out of', but I hope to take all of my modifications to the grave with me! Even though the majority of my piercings sit in my ears unnoticed under my hair, I find it comforting knowing that they are there. And of course, a small kick comes from knowing the names of all the nooks and whirls.. ears are truly wonderful structures!


  1. You have more followers than I. Maybe I should get some piercings to up my following! :P

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  3. awrh thats awesome kat. wanna get pierced now D: though think stretching will do for me atm, shouldn't do everything at once, that way the body enhancement sensation will last! >:D

    Bring on more holes, you should get your other nipple done! ;D