Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Some life drawing of late

Life drawing is intense and immense! Unfortunately we only got two days worth with the Visual Studies project, which can't be helped, but I do think it's a crying shame. It seems that drawing the nude is one of the most intimidating tasks among artsters and craftsters, and yet if you can draw a figure with all those complex shapes in perspective, surely you can draw anything..? Perhaps with the exception of straight lines.

I guess I'm more of a sprinter when it comes to life drawing- I love the energetic, bemusing, and surprisingly accurate results when put under time constraints. Continuous line and left-handers give some rather nice results too, which would translate smoothly into stitch. That's one thing I would love to try. Must see about taking my machine into a life drawing class..

Last year I was lucky enough to have an entire module of life drawing, hence my disappointment at doing so little now. I suppose it's somewhat ironic that this was made available to BA Fine Art when they employ very little drawing in their work, but I won't start on that.. This is a sustained drawing of 6 hours, I'm pretty sure. Yes, it was a mistake to start the drapery with only 2 minutes left.

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