Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Print Preview..

Here's a quick sampling from my final Applied Arts module, sticking with the theme of 'everyday objects'. Not that the bulk of my work particularly responds to this..

I thoroughly enjoyed the image making process as a chance to embrace my Illustrative streak. I'll admit my motif's are far cutesier than anything I've produced before, but I'm pleased with the energy and character from cutting and pasting abstract mark marking. I've never generated imagery in this way before, and it's certainly something I will try again! It was a challenge at first, but some printed textures and brush strokes lent themselves perfectly to the subject matter.

I've since completed my 6 tea towels, although am currently lacking in photographic evidence. These are my merely printed papers, with view to collaging together layouts for patterned lengths (croquis) later on. This was also a handy way of familiarising myself with my colour scheme.

I got rather sick of my tortoise pin cushion towards the end of the module! Gazing inanely up at me with oh-so-quirky mismatched eyes..! The 'shell' was collaged from printed patterned wall paper, and the needles from fork prints.

Check out the button hinge detail!

Tumbling safety pins motif; I'm fond of the contrast of line work from collaged paper cuts and chinograph pencil drawing.

Final dyed linen and cotton grounds.

And two whole days spent in the dye lab trying to obtain those shades. Fun Fact- 'The Dye Lab' is an anagram of 'eternal despair'. Suffice to say, mixing dyes is a trial and error and supremely demoralising process!

Seriously, I nearly dyed in there..

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