Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My heart's not in it..

Presenting, my 'fibre arts' module! I didn't take it terribly seriously initially (well, who does in the contemporary gallery..?) however with a little inspiration and a healthy dose of obsessive compulsion I was rather taken with the medium.

Initial samples of knitting, weaving, braiding, coiling, knotting and twining..

I finally learnt some fancy crochet stitches! These were an absolute job to whip out, far less intimidating than they look, thanks to Debbie Stoller's 'The Happy Hooker' (I can't recommend the 'Stitch 'n' Bitch series enough, great instructions for beginners!). My coach driver remarked on my sampling "I cannae believe you're sat there crocheting!", to which I naturally replied "Yes, while listening to heavy metal". Small things, yus?

A few early visuals- first time I've incorporated collage in this manner, pleased with the effect. Though at this stage I was very aware that my vision was rather exceeding my skill base..

This sheet was more of an excuse to get my handmade dip pens a whirl. Knitting lends itself rather well to line drawing.

The finished organ! Having designed these complex, juicey, knotted forms my actual work seems very tame. My tutor and I discussed scale- she envisaged an entire environment made from these visceral organ/ plant hybrids. I would have liked it to have been much larger, with braided trailing tendrils, however time was very much an issue, as was my actual competence.. I was horribly aware that I could only produce knitted squares and rectangles, which is why the majority of the forms are crocheted in the round. However, a knitted rib was perfect for suggesting a trachea-like structure. I would love to continue this theme in constructed textiles, possibly creating wearable art.

The actual assembly was a typical 'Kat' style 1 hour before the deadline job, I was absolutely terrified I wouldn't be able to pull it off! The magic happened as soon as I'd pinned the pieces together.. admittedly I wasn't expecting the finished piece to be so damn cute!

It turns out there is a fair amount of anatomical knitting knocking around! This piece is from an exciting Graphic Designer (I know! 'Exciting' and 'Graphic Design' in the same context!) and Art Director by the name of Sarah Illenberger. Be sure to check out her sex survey 'Die Sex Umfrage' for some witty visuals and darn right ingenious use of cacti.

Knitted brain by pychiastrist Karen Norberg- anatomically accurate and colour coded this majestic creation resides in a museum for educational use.

Ben Cuevas is an incredibly talented man! He exhibits his knitted pieces as installations, often accompanied by sound and video pieces. The skeleton deserves a closer look..

D'aaaaw who thought a digestive tract could be so darn cuddly?

I feel the need to hold this heart as a newborn child.. or perhaps a pair of bagpipes

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