Monday, 28 March 2011

Got wood...?

'Outcomes', or developed experiments for my Visual Studies module... whatever that was supposed to entail. My understanding of the project was as an experimental drawing unit with the theme of 'kitchen' and 'shed'.. so naturally, I flirted with both. I LOVE tools- stop sniggering over there..!- and it was with great satisfaction that I purchased my very first tool box complete with soldering iron! Ahh, Wilkos..

Next purchase- electric drill for experimental embroidery!

I seemed to get very mixed results with the iron.. On one hand I was able to achieve a surprisingly delicate marks and subtle gradients, and yet the blades on the grater are somewhat clumsy and naive by comparison. More on cheese graters soon..

With an hour before hand in I was looking desperately around my room for something small to put in the corner- a bottle cap, excellent! Unfortunately, my fine taste in beverages left me with the ultimatum of the Hobgoblin mascot, or some fiddly script with a Celtic motif.. The grain of the wood made it tricky to put in subtle curves and convey the weight of line as I would have liked, but I don't think it was a bad attempt, considering I am terrible at most forms of Calligraphy..

The nail and thread drawings were inspired by/ shamelessly ripped off the incredibly talented Debbie Smyth.. check out her installations! I love the organic flow of the loose threads, this would be fabulous to translate back into a line drawing.

Another pyrography sample.. Not a great technical drawing, terribly composed (check out the collision with the handle of my Swann and Morton) but I'm still amazed at the level of detail I was able to achieve. If I wasn't in such a hurry to get this handed in I would have chalked in guideline and drawn a few preliminary sketches.. I've got so lazy on the design front recently, slap on the wrist!

And here is a lady who does a far superior job! I stumbled across Canadian illustrator Genevieve Dionne in 'Illustration Play'.. lovely book! I console myself with the fact that she has a proper tool for the job.

Hur hur, tool..

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