Saturday, 19 March 2011

Constructed Textiles

I'll admit, I was not looking forward to this rotation. Since we're not taught rug tufting and weave any more, my impression was that 'Constructed' comprised of felt making, and the odd bit of knitting. And the prospect of making unwearable jewellery of the middle aged craft stall owner variety did not fill me with joy.

I've never made felt before- the process is surprisingly engaging. As soon as I laid my first tufts of fleece down I could see the potential for painting- not making daft pictures of rolling hills with blobby sheep, REAL painting, impressionistic portraits, giant abstract canvases.. There's something comforting in the tactility of the medium.

Having a good ole play before deciding where to place the pieces..

The bodice was made from silk fibres bonded with wall paper paste, and too delicate to support the felted pieces, serving as an excellent excuse not to stitch them permanently. I'm still debating what to do with them.. perhaps create a mobile, or stitch them into a wall hanging, or a spherical object..?

Colours and forms derived from an antique printing block. I really ought to have spent more quality time with it sketching- the graphic potential is astounding!

Three-dimensional manipulating of felts using needled felting machine to create 'pin tucks'. Scared of catching your fingers in a sewing machine..? This beast has MULTIPLE needles. Silly Kat forgot to put the presser foot down.. Silly Kat had bits of shrapnel fly at her face. She learns fast, this one..

Section of a felted panel with needle felted fibres on top (they won't bond unless they're over 80% wool content)

Wet felted sample with set fibres. I'd be intrigued to cut lots of this up and collage/ applique in with some textured drawings, newspaper ect..

Attempt at felting three-dimensional shapes using resist techniques (essentially creating a soggy soapy felt envelope around a sheet of plastic). Why is everybody convinced I don't do colour..?!

Felted braid and rolled samples.. with a few California rolls in the background.

Yeah Kat, why don't you do cool things with your degree?!

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