Saturday, 19 March 2011


For me, this was 5 weeks of direction-less play, and I think this is very much apparent in my designs (or, lack of). However, with it being my first rotation, I'll forgive my lack of focus. Much as I'd love to get credibly competent in this area, I don't think I have stamina for constant heartbreak. The kiln, for a start, is a thankless sonnovvabitch (check- see weird gungey colour schemes and glaze fail). One misjudged pull could loose you your first 4lb bowl (check), one slip of the turning tool will gouge a hole in the base of your beast of a vase (check). Too wet, too dry, impurities, breakage, and general squiffiness.. That's not to say I didn't enjoy working with the medium- after all, there's something deeply satisfying about plunging your hands into a ball of squelchey wet substance.

Anyhow, these are my more 'impressive' experiments-

Lily-like vessel. Lets face it, I don't do neat and symmetrical.

Not actually a jug. Deceptive, hm? Still, I convinced the handle to stick!

A delightful accident! Was attempting to make a pinched base (a Japanese technique, apparently) but did not have enough clay to fold in..

The colour work looked much more impressive pre-glaze, but there are some rather nice blues in there still. The pattern was a lazy stylised attempt at wood grain.

Vessel textured with wallpaper and dribbled underglaze for a grungey aesthetic.. a little too grungey, but never mind. I think the clean cut holes and 'blanket stitch' edging lift it a little.

My first thrown vessels! Apparently I am a natural plate thrower.. Unfortunately this means I can't make anything with any real depth. Still, practise makes better!

Kiln casualty.. This bad boy glazed itself to the firing shelf and never made it out. Devastating stuff.

Despite being ludicrously shallow, this one is actually surprisingly useful for stowing rogue trinkets on my bedside table.

Slab built plate shaped using a 'hump' mould.

Section of the same plate after glazing- this batch got 'over-fired', hence why the delightful sweet pea green turned to snotty swampy gunge. Which I guess would have been fine if that was what I was after..

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